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Now your teams can be more productive without getting stressed about work. Assign tasks and don’t fret ever again. Maktaabi gets your work streamlined as you get more time to increase your customer base and sales.

We guarantee best of POS features.

Maktaabi a unique POS

Your own version of Maktaabi comes with the following:
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Project management feature allows you to assign multiple staff members even if they are not a part of the team, and track their hours spent on the task assigned.

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Allows you to generate correct and reliable invoices sent directly as attachments through software, nullifying the use of email threads while you handle your projects with great ease.


estimates & proposals

Estimates are created quick and easy. Sending requests to customers that get turned into automatic invoices upon customer acceptance.

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Our simple lead tracking feature lets you gauge your leads easily. You can now attach files, convert leads to actual customers, import leads from email automatically, and even leave notes for them.


expenses & payments

Maktaabi gives you record expense feature and create recurring expense scripts from time to time (expense invoice gets created after the specified period like in invoice feature.


support system

Support ticket system let you generate an auto response, private ticket staff notes, assignments, attachments, predefined replies, insert knowledge base link, and generate ticket priorities and statuses.


tasks & contracts

One can add members to a task even if a member is not a part of the team, add task followers and comments along with task attachments.PDF documents can be sent as a reminder to customers before the contract expires.


surveys & calendar

Add surveys to make your customer drop any inhibitions about your product. You can collect feedback from a wide range of audience i.e. potential leads, staff, customers, etc. for a better view of upcoming company events.


company newsfeed

Share among your colleagues happening company events of the past. Easy upload of documents and communications among each other.


goals tracking & report

View and set up goals and track completion. You get the power to track everything at once i.e. failure or success, all is in front of your screen. Report feature allows you to collaborate information i.e. useful for your clients.


survey reports

Survey reports makes your bit more effective and on point. Customers get more attracted to survey reports as they give in depth study of the market they are dealing with. Maktaabi’s survey report option lets you do exactly the same.


customer tracking

Your qualified business lead now becomes more obligatory for a kind of persuasion. This is a unique feature that let you know for a meanwhile renewal of customer-centric services.

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